Hive Chat

Hive Chat – a Rye Poets/David Clark Allen collaboration – is on at the Dean’s Garden on Saturday 11 June. A unique soundscape, a cross-pollination hommage of music and poetry, a multi-layered wordplay perfect to heighten the senses in the Dean’s garden. Part of the London Square Open Gardens weekend, for the Saturday only.

2 responses to “Hive Chat

  1. I was delighted to meet you yesterday, in the shed in the garden of 51 Bankside! I was the former-Peckham prefab-now-Penge girl, who claims to be the 2nd Best Poet in Penge and Liverpool! Interesting to hear about your poetry, and I enjoyed the buzzy soundscape and the delightful garden setting. I am also a Friend of Nunhead Cemetery, and was intrigued to see you have performed there. I will look out for future events there, or in the Ivy House pub (which I still think of as the Newlands Tavern, where I used to buy cider for my dad when I was five!). Good luck and best wishes, Mary Scanlan X


    • It was lovely to meet you in the Dog House this weekend! Look forward to bumping into you again soon. We’ll keep you posted about future events. Pia, Joan, Helen


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